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Top 5 Tips When Buying Flowers

Thanks to quality online florists like Papamoa based Arrange Floral Design, it’s now easy to order fresh, affordable arrangements that arrive at the door. Even so, buying flowers for other people can still be challenging so here's some advice on what to look for and what common mistakes to avoid when choosing flowers to buy. 

  1. Read the testimonials and buy your flowers from a recommended florist. The florists at Arrange Floral Design go the extra mile to email you with a photo of the flowers before they're delivered so you can trust that the flower quality will be high.

    Top tips for buying flowers

  2. When you're choosing an arrangement of flowers for someone, keep in mind that your preference for particular flowers or colours isn't necessarily the same as your recipient’s. A little extra effort to find out their favourite flowers will be well rewarded in the end!

  3. Remember flowers aren't just to celebrate occasional events. Receiving flowers can be extra special when they've been sent for no reason other than to say “I Love You,” or “I’m Thinking of You.” And if you choose flowers that are in season, they are often longer lasting.

  4. A common mistake that people make when buying flowers is forgetting to order ahead if they're for a special day - especially for the popular celebrated days like Valentines Day or Mothers Day. Online florists make it easy to order ahead and avoid the risk of missing out and needing to find a plan B.

  5.  Sometimes less is more. Giving someone flowers isn't always about making a grand statement with a giant over-the-top bouquet. A contemporary arrangement of fresh quality flowers and a thoughtful note will usually make just the right impression.

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