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Every flower order comes with a sachet of cut flower food. If used according to the instructions on the packet, this will help to prolong the life and beauty of your flowers.

The following care instructions are designed to help your flowers last and look their best to ensure maximum pleasure from the gift.

Some of the flowers might still be in bud. This is because we want you to enjoy them as long as possible.

1. Make sure the vase is an adequate size, (2 thirds the length of the flowers) and has a neck wide enough to allow air to circulate. Keep vases very clean.

2. Cut all stem bottoms diagonally immediately before placing in water. Remove all foliage below the waterline.

Note: de-thorning roses may shorten their life.

3. Don't shock the flowers with cold water.

4. To prevent dehydration, keep cut flowers away from central heating, direct sunlight, large appliances and drafts.

5. Don't put flowers near a bowl of fruit, especially apples, pears, plums and tomatoes. They emit ethylene gas, which causes wilting.

6. Every three days recut the stems, clean the vase, completely replace the water and add more flower food.

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