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The Art of Floral Arranging is Blooming

Flowers are a well-loved timeless gift - they have always been a recognised way to express your feelings on special occasions such as weddings or Valentine’s Day. But recently there's been something of a revolution. Romanticism is the new floral trend as florists and the art of floral arrangements attract huge social media followings. 

The internet is changing not only how floristry is perceived, but a resurgence of interest in florists. Floristry is being viewed as a desirable career and flowers have become increasingly fashionable as a wave of florists shift online and increasingly share their skilled floral arrangements via a social network.

flower arrangements tauranga

New online florists today are often more like stylists and images are helping spread their reputation by digital word of mouth. The shift caused by social media has been described as phenomenal but most florists agree quality and innovation are the key ingredients that can send a florist to the top of their game.

One of the benefits of social media is the ability to share new ideas about floral art with the world, inspiring others. Conversely, that can also make it harder for florists to find new ideas too however it is a fantastic tool for spreading the word about the best florists and best floral designs.

Of course, for online florists in Tauranga like Arrange Floral Design, the benefit of a good website is that it is attractive and simple for customers to use. At Arrange Floral Design our website makes the process of selecting and ordering flowers very quick and straightforward. Having quality images in the online catalogue makes it appealing and easier for customers to choose the bouquet they like while emails allow for instant confirmation of the order and flower delivery.

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