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What's your Favourite Flower?

There’s nothing better than walking into a room with flowers - you just can’t help but smile when you look at them. But have you ever wondered why your favourite flower is your favourite? Why you might always have chosen roses over gerberas? And why you seem to have a lot of friends who like sunflowers? 

Different flowers symbolise different meanings and emotions and some people believe we tend to prefer the flower with the attributes that best fits with our personality. It's well recognised that flowers reflect our moods, conveying feelings such as compassion, regret, happiness and romance so perhaps it's all part of the magic and mystery of flowers. 

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What do you think your favourite flower says about you? Lovers of the ever popular Rose for example, are said to be romantic and passionate. You value tradition and strive for perfection but you also like to bring out the best in others. 

Is the Carnation you're first choice? You’re thought to be somone with a quiet nature, a trustworthy, down-to-earth person who is loyal and well-respected. You enjoy the simple things in life. 

People who prefer the Tulip are said to be kind. A naturally cheerful disposition, you are someone who make friends easily and hold onto them. There's a theory that people who are passionate about tulips are also keen travellers. 

Perhaps you know someone who is crazy about Orchids? They tend to be sophisticated, worldy types who enjoy a small circle of close friends. They value honesty but appearances are very important too.

Is the Sunflower you're favourite flower? Some say you're likely to have a bubbly, glass-half- full personality. Always happy and cheerful, you make friends easily. Whatever flowers say about you, there's no doubt they can transform a room and make people happy so what better reasons to have more flowers in our lives.

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