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How to Choose the Right Flowers for the Occasion

There's a flower for every occasion but choosing the best flowers to suit the occasion is not always easy. We've put together some helpful hints on the meanings and associations of different flower types and flower colours, to help you choose the perfect bouquet.


There's a long tradition of giving sympathy flowers at a funeral or memorial. Different flowers have meanings that can provide comfort. Carnations are said to be the first flowers on earth and symbolic of undying love. Chrysanthemums, especially white ones, are often used to represent death and mourning while daffodils symbolise rebirth. White lilies are the most commonly associated with sympathy and bereavement.

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Happy Birthday

As far back as Roman times, birthday gifts were often in the form of flowers. Every month is associated with its own flower. The January birth flower is Carnation. Give Violets or Iris in February and daffodils in March. The April birth flower is Sweet Pea or Daisy. For a May birthday, give Lilies while the June birth flower is the Rose. The July flower is the Delphinium and for those born in August, send Gladiolus. The September flower is the Aster, October the Marigold and November, the Chrysanthemum. The December birth flower is the Narcissus or Poinsettia. Check out the birthday flowers at Arrange Floral Design, your florist in Papamoa.


The iconic red rose symbolises love, romance, beauty and perfection. Lavender roses are said to represent new relationships, but yellow roses are not recommended for romance - they are best saved for friendship. Tulips are also a romantic flower, conveying comfort and warmth while orchids are associated with seduction. Daisies, including Gerberas are known for symbolising beauty, innocence and purity, and their bright cheery colours mean they're always a favourite.


Giving flowers is a great way to express your wishes on an anniversary. There are specific anniversary flowers associated with every year. 1st anniversaries are symbolised by carnations or pansies. For 5 year anniversaries choose an arrangement of daisies such as the gerbera. 10 year anniversaries should be marked with daffodils and15 years, with the rose. If you're celebrating 20 years give asters, 25 years, the iris, 28, the orchid, and for 30 year anniversaries, give a beautiful bouquet of lilies.

New Baby

If you want to send flowers for a new baby, there are different flowers and meanings to choose from. Aster means “Contentment”, Daisies mean “Innocence”, Gardenia “Joy”, and Gladiolus “Strength of Character”. Send pink blooms for grace, gentility, youth and happiness. The colour yellow also evokes feelings of joy and light heartedness and sends a message of new beginnings.

Get well

Flowers are a traditional gift to cheer up hospital patients, however there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best flower arrangement. Check with the hospital first to make sure that flowers are allowed and choose allergy free blooms such as roses, carnations or chrysanthemums. For patients recuperating at home, send brightly coloured, cheerful arrangements to give your get well wishes. Green is also a great colour, associated with health and well-being.


Flowers are the best ways to send your congratulations to people you care about. Yellow flowers represent friendship, trust, compassion, and respect and are a popular choice at the workplace to show appreciation. Daisies and daffodils express the sentiments of friendship and well wishes. A bright mixed bouquet including lilies, roses and Alstroemeria will always be appreciated as a congratulatory present.

School Balls

Corsages, buttonholes and even the classic single red rose are popular choices for school balls and formals. A corsage is a small cluster of flowers worn as a shoulder spray or on the wrist, a popular choice for School Balls. They are beautifully presented and easy to wear and dance with.  Choose flowers that are either the favourite of the wearer, or most commonly, to match the girl’s ball gown.

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